Cartier Square Drill Hall Envelope Repairs

A condition assessment of the roof, windows, and masonry of a National Historic Site in Ottawa. A seismic assessment and long term recommendations were provided. Subsequent tender packages addressed urgent deficiencies.

County of Carleton Law Association

The CCLA Project saw the major renovation of a large tenant space within the Ottawa Courthouse. The space was re-envisioned to integrate modern technology and functions including offices, a library, lounge and training rooms.

Postal Station B Ground Floor Redevelopment

The rehabilitation of a former Post Office branch to serve as an executive boardroom with videoconferencing and simultaneous interpretation capabilities. Historic finishes were restored to their original appearance while concealing infrastructure required to provide multimedia functionality.

Confederation Building Window Rehabilitation Phase 2

Repairs to roughly 600 double-hung wood windows using traditional repair techniques, including splicing in wood repairs where required, refinishing brass hardware, installing new bronze weatherstripping, and linseed oil based finishes.

Confederation Building Envelope Screening

A multi-year assignment to screen the building envelope for emergency, short-term, and long term repairs. Several masonry repair projects followed to stabilize hazardous conditions found during the investigations.

Cobourg Search and Rescue Station

The Canadian Coast Guard Rescue Station in Cobourg’s harbour is past its service life and requires replacement. Designed to Passivhaus standards, the new structure will have a highly air tight and heavily insulated walls and high performance windows. The summer cooling demand is expected to be near zero, with solar shading and an extended phase shift due to the insulation levels keeping the structure cool in summer months. Similarly the shoulder seasons will require minimal heat with most energy coming from passive solar gain, and the building will be kept frost-free in the winter off season with no energy. With the minimal energy inputs coming from electricity, the building will emit zero emissions.

Migration Monitoring Station

An off-grid scientific facility for Environment and Climate Change Canada, this migration monitoring station is part of a system of stations used to capture, measure, band, and release migratory birds. Constructed of cross-laminated timber panels, the structure was erected in one day. Traditional wood window and door construction was also employed, complementing the state-of-the-art CLT fabrication.





Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Centre

WMTA provided laboratory planning services for this project by Kongats Architects at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.

All laboratory spaces were designed with extensive consultation with the users to optimize their use. Functional workflows, logical servicing, healthy work environments and long term versatility were key considerations.

Halifax Armouries

The Halifax Armouries is a National Historic Site, and a designated heritage structure designed by Thomas Fuller, Chief Dominion Architect from 1881-1896. The conservation project required masonry investigations, structural repairs, window repairs, historical research, and the collaborative development of a conservation approach.

Carleton Food Services

Carleton University Dining Services provides over 7100 meals a day to students in their Fresh Food Co. facility. The servery and adjacent dining hall occupy the top floor of the Residence Commons Building. The project evolved from the anticipated new needs with the introduction of an all access food plan for students and the need to update this well used space.