Migration Monitoring Station

An off-grid scientific facility for Environment and Climate Change Canada, this migration monitoring station is part of a system of stations used to capture, measure, band, and release migratory birds. Constructed of cross-laminated timber panels, the structure was erected in one day. Traditional wood window and door construction was also employed, complementing the state-of-the-art CLT fabrication.





Woodward Environmental Laboratories

WMTA provide laboratory planning services for this project by McCallum Sather Architects.

The new Environmental Laboratory is located on the site of the Woodward Avenue Wastewater Treatment Plant.  The laboratory consists of organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and microbiology sections. The lab provides chemical and bacteriological analytical services to other City departments, private companies and the public.

Ottawa Biotechnology Incubation Centre

The Ottawa Biotechnology Incubation Centre (OBIC) was a non-profit organization that provided commercialization support to start-up biotechnology companies. OBIC Park is located in the Ottawa Life Sciences Technology Park.

OBIC Park was designed to contain ten laboratory/office suites. They were to be leased to start-up companies for up to three-year terms. These companies were to be focused on the development of biotechnological innovations derived from medical research that might ultimately lead to new products for human health and medical care.

Terrence Donnelly Health Sciences Centre

WMTA provided laboratory planning services for this project by Kongats Architects at the University of Toronto Mississauga campus.

All laboratory spaces were designed with extensive consultation with the users to optimize their use. Functional workflows, logical servicing, healthy work environments and long term versatility were key considerations.

GDML Ottawa

A new medical diagnostic laboratory for Gamma-Dynacare, located in Ottawa. The state-of-the-art facility accommodates the processing and biomedical diagnostic testing of 20,000 blood, urine, and tissue samples daily.
William McElligott photographer

Laboratory for Photonics Components and Systems Research

The Laboratory for Photonic Components and Systems Research is accommodated in a major addition at the Communications Research Centre Canada Campus in Ottawa. The space requirements of the LPCSR and the need for exacting vibration-free conditions necessitated the construction of a specialized addition.
William McElligott photographer

Life Sciences Research Institute

The Life Sciences Research Institute is a new facility Dalhousie University, Capital Health, and the IWK Health Centre. The intent is to co-locate research groups working in the life sciences sector and create scientific synergies. In association with WHW Architects

Atlantic Veterinary College Expansion

A major new four-storey North Wing added to the existing College building at the University of Prince Edward Island to house an Animal Resource Facility, advanced wet laboratory space for research, and related offices. With WHW Architects.

Science Research Building

WMTA provide laboratory planning services for this project by Moriyama Teshima Architects at the University of Toronto Scarborough campus.

The Science Research Building consists of three floors of advanced research laboratories designed with long-term flexibility as a priority.  All spaces are capable of easily accommodating the most demanding of serviced research laboratories, the wet chemistry lab; however, many of the initial uses are for biology, psychology, and other less service-intensive uses.

Revisage Surgical Centre

A new private medical facility for an ophthalmologist, which includes surgical suites, recovery rooms, offices, and support spaces.
William McElligott photograper.